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Ryan Walz
Amanda Walz
Dale Orton
Rob Thibert

I (Ryan) have been creating art for as long as I can remember and have been involved in art schools from the age of nine through to the Okanagan University Fine Arts Programs. I started tattooing in 2002 and have been fortunate enough to have spend the last four years working in Saskatoon at Ink Addiction Tattoos alongside amazing artists and great friends such as Jody Spychaj, Craig Fenrick, Steve Clark and the rest of the crew there.
My wife Amanda and I have been wanting to get back to Vancouver Island for about 12 years now, and finally had the chance to make the move. So in late June of 2010, we packed up our boys ( Nico and Jude ) along with the rest of our life and ventured across the country to start a new chapter in our lives and open up Apollo Tattoo.
Loving the Comox Valley and happier than ever, I am looking forward to many years of creating tattoos and fine art, and sharing my passion with new friends on the west coast. Thank you and Enjoy!